infectiously eccentric americana

Kickin up a cocktail of the uniquely infused flavors of Folky-Punky-Bluesy-Swing, this raggedy crew of streetwise fashionistas is ready to serve up some seriously poppin' grooves.

With a mobile musical menagerie of two to ten players and an enigmatic style that commands any crowd, Buck-Thrifty knows no limits in perusing the progression (or dare we say, regression?) of the Pacific Northwest’s festivale of folk fusions. 

So what do we mean by all that? Simply that we promise to supply saucy sounds that set your boots to stompin' and your booty to shakin'.

Michael Fierro -- Singer/Songwriter, Upright Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Clarinet
Jay Drapes -- Director, Guitar, Upright Bass, Trumpet, Vox
Taylor Cuffie -- Percussion, Vox
Corwin Zekley -- Singer/Songwriter, Fiddle
Barrie Sterling -- Elevated Hip-Hop
Stu Manzano -- Keys

Buck-Thrifty performs their song 'Escapist' during their interview with the popular Sonoma County podcast series 'On Stage with Jim & Tom'

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The Dirges and ditties tour