Album 'The Slacktivist' Physical Copy

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Album 'The Slacktivist' Physical Copy

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Jay Drapes -- Guitar, Trumpet, Vox, Bass
Tyler McCourtney -- Banjo, Vox, Harmonica, Lyricist
Michael Fierro -- Bass, Vox, Drums, Lyricist
Barrie Sterling (B$) -- Vox, Album Artist, Lyricist
Stu Manzano -- Keys & Synth
Taylor Cuffie -- Drums, Vox
Corwin Zekley -- Fiddle, Vox, Lyricist

Setting out with a mobile musical menagerie of two to ten players and a set list spanning from Americana folk & European jazz ‘standards’ to progressive Musical Theatre enriched with some of West County’s choicest elevated hip-hop, Buck-Thrifty acknowledges no limits in perusing the progression of the Pacific Northwest’s festivale of folk fusions that we would love to brand as "Regressive Folk-Rock."

Started in January 2016 by Jonathan Arent, Buck-Thrifty found its roots in bringing back the kitschy Americana edge that the modern partner dance scene had left behind in favor of thick mixed beats from electronic DJ’s. Only 3 months after the band’s start, our eclectic trio felt like we were strictly limiting our dynamic range unnecessarily in respect to tempo, volume, and style for these dances, so we got to spinning wheels on how to turn up the heat. The conversation rapidly left reasonable planning in favor of suuuuper sick stretch goals, and we quickly agreed to doubling our band size moments before a 3-week stint of gigs including a dance festival, a wedding, a community market, raging house shows, a Mad Hatter Tea Party, and even a sculpted set of original works tailored to a full-length family-friendly circus production. None of us have recovered yet from the loss of sleep.

Having passed through the fire and brimstone of our gig-ly gauntlet, Buck-Thrifty emerged with all the fresh original content and old sense of attitude needed to craft our debut album, ‘The Slacktivist.’ We have done our best to form a clear narrative that combines our spiritual and stylistic diversity with the unified experience of our millennial upbringing, and I believe that everyone who listens will have an easy time of plugging in to what we feel needs saying.